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World Environment Day

Saturday, June 5th marks World Environment Day, the United Nations’ flagship day for promoting worldwide awareness and action for the environment and celebrated by millions of people across the world.

This year’s theme touches upon ‘ecosystem restoration’ with a focus on resetting our relation with nature. What does this mean? Working together to reduce the effects of pollution, urban sprawl, and danger to our waterways that threaten to destroy our local ecosystems and native species.

How to get involved:

  • Dedicate the morning to a shoreline or park clean-up

  • Change your diet by committing to going meatless on Monday’s and trying your hand at some vegetable-friendly dishes

  • Support local farmers by shopping at Farmers Markets all summer long, buying sustainably produced food

  • Consider riding a bike or taking alternative transportation when headed out and about

  • Raise your voice in support of ecosystem conservation and restoration, including growing trees and green spaces

At Oxford, we do our part to build leading green cities and communities. Some notable highlights in the past year include:

  • Reduced portfolio carbon intensity by 35% since 2015

  • Completed the development of 260,000 sf of rooftop solar, generating renewable energy

  • Expanded our global carbon data & analytics platform across 96% of our portfolio, enabling us to

  • Create and track hourly energy and carbon targets

  • Developing our first zero carbon office building— The Stack in Vancouver

To learn more about Oxford’s global sustainability efforts, including performance, targets and case studies, visit our just launched 2021 Sustainability Report.

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